Reviews from our satisfied patients

  • "Dr Ben is an amazing chiropractor. Any time I have any aches or pressure in my back. Dr Ben is able to adjust it and make the pain/pressure go away instantly. I have done massages before at massage envy and that never helps the pressure go away even though massages are soothing. But getting the right adjustments does miracles! I have referred him to my parents, brother, sister in law and my own wife and they all have very positive outcomes as well after visiting him! Thank you to Dr Ben and his wonderful staff! 🙂"
    Dan B.
  • "An amazing doctor that has helped keep me going even after two major accidents. I would recommend this professional to anyone as they environment of the establishment is welcoming, calm, and clean. On its own it has a very professional appearance. The staff are very friendly and welcoming and provide you with any information you ask. Dr. Ben is very professional and informative when it comes to your injury after and even before diagnosis. Gives you a comprehensive plan to make sure you’re not tied to keep going to get fixed but that you are going willfully."
    Tarzan T.
  • "Dr. Ben is the best chiro I've ever been to. His evaluation is thorough and the treatments are effective. I suffered with crippling back pain every 1-2 months. My first adjustment gave me huge relief and I have gone without injury for a year with few subsequent visits. He has integrity and is honest; he only does what needs to be done. His care has changed my life. Thank you sir."
    Homeless Patriot
  • "Great service from the front office to the adjustments. My wife and I were taken in on a last minute appointment. I can say it was a great first experience with Dr. Ben. Super friendly and informative. I felt better walking out of there as did my wife. I'd recommend seeing him if you're hurt or just need to be realigned."
    Richard L.
  • "My wife threw her back out really badly. She was hurting for a solid 2 weeks. I brought her here and the Dr. did 2 adjustments in one day. She was able to walk out unassisted which was great. She went back the next week and did another adjustment. Two days later it was like it never happened. She went back last week and the Dr said she no longer needed follow up treatment. I appreciate that he isn't stringing her along for business. I will be going to him myself in the next couple of weeks. If you're looking for a good chiropractor I highly recommend this place."
    Joseph L.
  • "Dr. Ben is very friendly and knowledgeable in his practice. He explains the problems or issues and then applies his skills to restore the body in its natural form. I have been seeing him for few years now and very satisfied. I had an accident in 1995, I was a pedestrian against a pickup truck. After accident I was in coma for 10 days. I lost my long and short term memories. I had a head injury with internal bleeding. My neck, back, elbows and knees were also injured. My discs were compressed."
    Pervaiz S.
  • "Dr. Ben treats both my husband and I for aches and pains we’ve been dealing with. My husband has stage 3 arthritis in his neck and Was absolutely miserable until he started seeing Dr. Ben. He is no longer in pain and gets treatment every one to two months. It has been life changing for him. Dr. Ben does a thorough diagnosis and explains in detail exactly what is wrong and how he intends to adjust. For myself I see Dr. Ben less frequent mainly for minor aches in my hips and shoulders. I always leave feeling amazing. On a personal level Dr.Ben will look you in the eye and ask you how your day was and always takes the time to engage in conversation. He’s a genuine, caring and skilled practitioner. I have and would recommend him to everyone seeking chiropractic treatment."
    Lindsay M.
  • "Honestly the best chiropractor I’ve been to, I really wish I had know about this place before. It's unlike any other chiropractor I've ever been to. Typically you go to a normal chiropractor and they just crack your back for you and don't seem to really do much else. But this is no typical chiropractor, Dr Ben really goes the extra mile to know exactly what your individual issue is. I was told by another chiropractor that I have scoliosis and went to this office to see if I could get another opinion. And first thing Dr Ben did was take an X-ray and come to find out I don't have scoliosis. This made me feel so much better and confident in my visit. Dr. Ben pin points the problem and only adjusts what needs to be adjusted. I have felt so much better since I've started going here. I feel a huge difference in my posture, I no longer have pain in certain areas and rarely get the urge to crack my back and neck myself anymore."
    Bryan F.
  • "Dr. Ben and his staff are always professional! What I love is that they make it personal and make me feel comfortable. I feel they genuinely care about their customers. Dr. Ben is very thorough and talks to me about my x-rays, about my progress, and gives excellent advise on how to help correct posture. I have used two other chiropractors, and I won't be looking for another one! I have been going to Dr. Ben for 2 plus years."
    Goose Mccoy
  • "My family and I love Dr. Ben he is the best! Been going to him for some years. He will be honest with you and is not all about the money. The ladies up front are great as well. Very helpful."
    Adrienne J.
  • "Dr. Ben is the BEST! I have been going to him for over a year now. I have never felt this great and would not trust anyone else with my spine. He has done more for me and my health in this past year than my previous chiropractor that I went to for over 5 years. I have had serious spine issues from the top of my spine to my tail bone that have been a result of life or just genetics. I also suffered with many migraines, among other health issues.

    Dr. Ben has fixed issues on my spine that have been a problem for over ten years, and problems that I've had since childhood. I had pains that I thought I would just have to live with but Dr. Ben helped get rid of them. My body is functioning more and more the way it is supposed to because of Dr. Ben. He is a chiropractor that really cares about his patients and getting them the results they need to live better lives."
    Daisy G.
  • "Dr Bens craft for his profession is amazing. The technique he uses is better than most others in chiropractic. He fouses on the problem on just a catch all. Very experienced and innovative. You will be glad you found him!"
    D A Jones
  • "I suffer chronic pain. I have spinal stenosis with sciatica nerve damage. Degenerative disc disease. I called they ran my insurance got me in the same day! I strongly recommend this place to anyone who is in need of wellness! The staff is so friendly unlike other places I've been too! Oh and the physician is a good listener and really makes you feel relaxed before your adjustments! He takes the time to educate you on exercise and health & wellness regarding your diagnosis!! I love love this facility.😍💖"
    Elaine B.
  • "The Chiropractic Wellness Center staff are ALWAYS friendly, professional and efficient. I have experienced many chiropractors but none as thorough and effective as Dr. Ben. He always takes the time to diagnose what you need at each appointment prior to making adjustments to his clients. And, the added massage service makes the experience complete. I look forward to each visit."
    Latisha C.

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